Monday 4 January 2010

Well the worst is over?

After a bad nights sleep last night, (only got 4 hours) due to a combination of thinking about going to new work place today/thinking about my cousin Nigel/not being able to breathe properly due to cold etc, we got to see our new office and meet the staff. I still have a red nose like Rudolph so they've seen me at my worst so it can only get better.

Hell I can only remember about five names (and three of them were John!). The office is huge and, would you believe it, a paper-less environment! How does that actually work??? There are times when you like to see things in black and white and on paper not a screen. Still we will see how it goes.

We got taken out for a welcome drink (I stuck to a soft drink for now) and they seem quite friendly. Veronica is great and we have a fair amount in common (she is about half my age though) not least of all is the fact that she speaks fluent Spanish. Well she is from San Antonio and she wants to join our little 'Spanish' group where I try to teach Rachel the Spanish I know. I think it will be great fun although I do realise that South American/Mexican Spanish will differ a bit from what I've been learning! But hey, anything helps :-)

So that first step is taken, let's see how it goes from here. Wasn't there a saying sometime about that - what was it? "First step is the hardest..."

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