Friday 22 January 2010

Easter in the South of France - sorted

At last I've managed to find the time to arrange our trip to South West France for Easter.

The campsite has been booked; the Eurotunnel crossing booked; now all we've got to do is get ourselves organised a little closer to the time.

Parc Verger is a site recommended by many people on the Motorhome Fun Forum that I belong to. They are open all year long and I've looked at their website; read their blog and spoken to them and they seem great and I'm really looking forward to a relaxing week in an area of beauty; peace and quiet in a National Park area.

Work continues to be frustrating as nothing can actually be completed and I'm getting a backlog of urgent things to do! A week with nothing to think about except what to cook for dinner will seem long overdue by the time I get to it!

Oh an added bonus is that Bob and Di have Wi-fi available on site as well so I can surf the net when I want to as well - great, I can update my thoughts on my blog while relaxing instead of always rushing a post when I can.

Roll on Easter.

PS Started looking at the ferry from Barcelona in June (so we can get a cabin) but they've only got the timetable up to March at the moment. Not that I'm eager or anything....

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