Tuesday 26 January 2010

Hell no time to even Blog

I refuse to moan and groan any more but let me just say that I've not even had time to blog!

I said to Mick today "isn't there any way we can sell up and move to Spain now?" Unfortunately there isn't but I just wish I had time to breathe... and my brain is definitely feeling over taxed and in need of a rest.

It is absolutely freezing here today with temperatures at the moment about 1 degree (and that is sheltered behind our conservatory). The wind is blowing giving an even colder chill factor and I believe we are due another snowfall about Friday.

Mind you we are not the only ones this year. France and Spain have certainly had their fair share of snow too and watching TVE tonight it showed Madrid covered in snow.

It does look pretty as it falls and covers everything in a white blanket - it's just not much fun when you are trying to get to about in it, unless you happen to have some skis!!

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