Friday 1 January 2010

New Year 2010 - Resolutions or Determinations

Well here we are then. 2010 at last.

We spent last night watching the new year in with TVE and this time we didn't turn over to see our new year in!

It was good fun watching the cuentame cast and of course Alejandro Sanz was there as well - what more could you ask for!

As the clock struck midnight in Madrid I couldn't help but notice the basque top that the presenter was wearing - Mick even took a photo of it :-)

I was surprised to see how grown up the youngsters in cuentame are now. Unfortunately TVE International is still showing earlier series and we are waiting for them to catch up and bring it a bit more up to date.

One thing watching Spain having fun did bring to the forefront of our minds was the fact that people enjoy themselves and smile! I did say to Mick that it's about time I moved on in my life and we focused on working towards getting our place in Spain.

I guess my biggest fear has always been leaving the kids/grandkids behind but I've got to work for another 7 years and by that time they will be that much older. How often are we likely to see them while here in the UK. I dare say they would prefer to visit us in the sun...

What I did say to Mick was that I am sure that if we stay in the UK we will get old. If we move to Spain we will stay young. (If you know what I mean) I just love the Spanish people and their outlook on life and I dare say that my Spanish would improve no end :-)

On the health side of things I've been having a lot of problems and headaches recently caused by a flare up of the arthritis I have in my neck. I am sure that the cold damp weather over here is not helping it as warmth always makes it feel better.

So, although not being one for making resolutions, our priority will have to be 1) to pay off our fifth-wheeler loan and 2) to get some more funds into our 'Spain' account.

Most of our Spanish friends live in Mallorca but the price range on the island is too much for us however they do return home to Cordoba to visit family and friends from time to time so I guess AndalucĂ­a is the area we are looking in. I am not talking Costas I am talking in-land away from tourist areas. I am already registered with a couple of estate agents online who send details monthly but we are not in a position to do anything yet.

Still it gives me something to think about and to work for.....

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