Friday 8 January 2010

First Impressions and Chaos

Well my first impressions leave a lot to be desired.

The past few days have been chaos - both with the weather, and with the new job. For its part the good old English weather decided to be the worst it has been for quite a few years. Snow and ice and bitterly cold. Some places getting down as low as -21. Around our area it was about -5 which to me is too cold!!! I have to admit to being pretty shaky about walking down to the coach each day. No matter what boots or shoes I tried (and I've got quite a collection)none of them seemed to be able to stop me from slipping and sliding around. Quite scary at my age - how come as a child you ran around without fear...

Of course England came to a standstill. Trains didn't run or were limited to certain times of the day or delays. The roads were in absolute turmoil and the local authorities were running out of road salt.

The van that was supposed to be moving our office at work never arrived - 2 days running - because it couldn't get down from Shropshire. In the end we hired a transit van locally and moved the stuff ourselves. Well the guys moved the stuff - I supervised :-)

So we ended up getting round to our new place but they weren't ready because their IT chap couldn't get in to work and set up our computers. So there I was yesterday sitting in whatever spare seat became available just looking around and reading magazines as there was nothing I could do without my computer.

So, first impressions. Well when you are sitting in the reception area you can see what is going on in the main office and it was really strange. No one appeared to be talking to anyone else. The layout I explained to Mick and he came up with the right description "it's laid out like a typing pool". For those of you who can remember you will know what I mean; for those of you who don't know it's basically rows and rows of desks. All being overlooked by someone else and with a 'leader' at the head of the rows.

The good points are a lovely bright office; great kitchens; toilet and shower facilities but the bad points are those mentioned above.

I didn't have to go to work today because they felt it was a waste of time until I had my computer up and running. At least I've got a long weekend and then it is back there on Monday.

I don't know.... I just get this feeling....

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