Sunday 3 January 2010

Rudolph's not the only one with a red nose!

Great I'm back to work tomorrow and meeting our new colleagues and work place and I've got a bright red nose!

The grandkids very kindly left me a present in the form of a flu like virus that ended in a lovely cold.

So after sleeping on and off from 8pm on Friday night with aches and pains all over I've ended up with a continuous runny and bright red nose. Very sexy and very flattering :-)

So looking for alternative ways of clearing it up quickly I'm popping Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C tablets and burning Eucalyptus. Added to that I'm trying a new one for me and that is sniffing salt water. Oh what fun winter is....

Still the one good thing is that the Winter Solstice is now over and done with and it means that each day that goes by I can tell myself that it is getting a few minutes lighter each day. Thank goodness for that - I hate dark mornings and dark evenings.

Roll on summer....

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Bigastroandbeyond said...

I hope your flu clears up soon. Sounds like you are giving some hard treatment which should crack the virus