Wednesday 5 November 2008


Well it started with a quite innocent visit to one of the grandchildren (like these things always do) and ended up with us buying our Christmas present to one another early :-)

We started playing bowling on the Wii and it was good fun. Then Mick's son had a go at testing his fitness level - now that was interesting and I couldn't wait to have a go but unfortunately it was time for us to leave.

After discussing it we decided it would be good fun to play around with one of these instead of watching TV in the evenings. So I ordered one - and it arrived the next day! (See my profile for being impulsive)

Now being impatient (see my profile) I couldn't wait to read the manual properly. After all how difficult could it be.... Well Mick thrashed me at bowling so I thought I'd have a go at the fitness level.... Oops I should've read how you use the controller first - it gave me a Wii age of 77.

That's it - I want more (and to get fitter and get my Wii fitness age down to normal) so I've now ordered the Wii Fit package. Oops even more money (our Christmas present to one another has got a bit expensive - still it's my birthday in December so I'll take the Wii Fit as a present).

So now I'm just waiting for the Wii Fit to arrive and then I'll give you an update on how I get on. What with the belly dancing every morning and the Wii Fit at other times I should progress a little (I hope so anyway).

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