Monday 17 November 2008

Feng Shui, Ley lines and all that...

Well this last weekend was a busy one! It started a few weeks ago when I realised that I hadn't checked my home recently on the Feng Shui factors. After realising that there were a few things amiss I started to clear out some rubbish which led to noticing that our bed was the wrong way round.

Well in our pokey little house you can hardly swing a cat let alone move a bed round in the bedroom! Also many years ago Mick built a full width built-in wardrobe with sliding doors just where the bed should be positioned. Well to cut a long story short we had already ordered a new carpet and Ian (Mick's son) was going to come over on Sunday and help to lay it. A phone call Saturday put paid to that as Ian had hurt his back.

Ok so picture the scene - Saturday night watching the telly - a couple of drinks later - we decide it might not be such a bad idea to remove the built-in wardrobe before we fit the new carpet. After all built-in sliding robes are old fashioned now - nice free standing wardrobes are the latest thing. So Sunday morning I'm on the internet looking up Ikea's site and designing my new wardrobe; Sunday midday we are at Ikea - NEVER AGAIN on a Sunday it's absolute chaos. However new wardrobe in the back of the Kia we battle with the queues of traffic trying to get back over the Queen Elizabeth Bridge arriving home at about 3pm.

Now Mick is really good at building stuff and that built-in wardrobe was an absolute pain to get out (not to mention a physical pain for Mick with his hernia!!) and where did all my clothes come from - and the shoes (I didn't know I had so many). There is the bed piled high with clothes/shoes/books and all the other rubbish you tend to put in a space hidden behind a door.

By 10.30 pm we had managed to complete the wardrobes (minus the doors - they can go on today sometime) and I had managed to cram the clothes back in them.

By 11.30 pm I am lying in bed wondering why I ache so much and why I can't get to sleep....

I really am going to have to clear out some stuff.... very bad Feng Shui :-)

PS The ley line bit refers to testing and finding a ley line going right across Mick's pillow when the bed was in the old position.

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