Sunday 30 November 2008

Missing Spain

I find it terribly difficult to spend time away from Spain and it is especially difficult this time of year. What with grey, cold, wet, dark days and it being 6 months since we were last in Spain I get withdrawal symptoms.

Over a drink or two last night we were discussing once again our dreams and I am sure that learning the Spanish language is not going to improve much more until we are totally immersed in it. I can study the language and read the language but my difficulty is 'hearing' the language. I have enough trouble making out what people are saying in English let alone another language.

But we did find a couple of years ago that when we were surrounded by only Spanish speaking people that our language skills improved considerably and once I had 'tuned' into the language I was able to chat away with no problem. The problem came when I returned home to England as I was still thinking in Spanish!!!

As for our missing Spain I am sure people will think that everyone misses the sunshine but it is not that with us as I would be quite happy being there in the snow/rain/wind etc. What I miss is the people and their attitude to life. In Spain I never even consider my age whereas here in the UK you are considered old once you get passed 40.....

I love the way they respect other people whereas here they don't. I love their family values - where has that gone in the UK?

Ok so the UK has a lot going for it - after all if it didn't how come so many people move here - but I just know where I feel most at home....

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