Tuesday 11 November 2008

1984 George Orwell and all that

What is this world coming to?

It seems to me that the Government is trying to obtain a perfect race of people. My initial thought was "didn't Hitler want a perfect race - so who did win the war?" Now any German bloggers please do not take offence I am just trying to make a point. After all we have now got the fascist regime.

So far they have alienated smokers - to such a degree that there is a distinct animosity between smokers/non-smokers. Then they started on drinkers and we were told how bad it was to drink, then they tried to have a go at fat people and when that didn't work they have now focused on fat children - making both the 'fat children' and their parents feel guilty and insinuating that it is bad and a failing in someones character that they should be 'fat'.

They are driving a wedge between people; they are causing divisions. We now have the

smokers v. non-smokers
drinkers v. tee-totallers
'fatties' v. skinnies

and we are slowly being brainwashed into believing that to be a perfect human being you have to be a slim, non-smoking, healthy eating person. What has happened to individuality and more importantly isn't it a person's character that is most important?

Gosh George Orwell was right.....

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