Friday 7 November 2008

Wii fit = Wii fun

Ok without wishing to bore everyone to tears I just have to say that Wii fit arrived last night. (Good on Parcelforce). It was great fun, and it worked the muscles. I ache this morning.

Well I jumped on (sorry - carefully stood on) the balance board and entered all the details required. Hey it said you are overweight (just!!!) and your BMI is 25 so how do you want to reach your goal. Well I figured as I didn't have too much weight to lose and really just wanted to get about midway through the healthy BMI range I chose to lose weight and get fit over 3 months. Oh and it also showed me that I stand slightly leaning to the right (too heavy handbags over my right shoulder for years!) and also leaning slightly backwards. Have you got that....

Ok well we'll see how we go :-)

As I had just eaten my dinner I thought I should not attempt anything too drastic for the first attempt so I just went for the balancing. Well.... a football player I would never make as I kept missing heading the ball - I was forever getting hit on the head by flying football boots and panda heads (don't ask why). I did better on the balancing tray and getting balls through holes. The ski-ing I did quite well at - that was after I had been in hysterics after hitting every flag and ending up as a snowball.

The ski jump I was useless at - snowball time again.

But all in all for the first attempt it was great fun - well apart from seeing that it gave me a Wii age 5 years more than I am.

I hope that it will help with my fitness and honestly with the amount of aches and pains in my muscles then something must be happening.

I look forward to a weekend of Wii-fitting (well inbetween all the normal duties) as the weather is not going to be much fun so I may as well have fun indoors.

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