Sunday 9 November 2008

To grow or not to grow

On a more light hearted note, if you look at my profile you will see my hair this time last year.

Unfortunately I gave in to the pressure - you know the thing, oh you shouldn't have long hair after you reach a certain age; it is much more modern and with it to have shorter hair; long hair ages you, etc. etc.

Well just before my birthday (1st Dec) last year I went and had it all cut off to a short bob. I have to admit it felt good to start with and I thought it looked good but the novelty soon wore off. For a start I spent more time trying to keep the style looking right than I had ever spent on my hair before and then when the hot weather came (well what few days we had!) I found it hard to put up and keep off my face and neck.

Straight away I started growing it again and it is growing quite quickly. It has now got to mid back length and I can now put it up much better. I really miss the ease in which I was able to put it up in a bun or twist and I will have to keep telling myself not to have it cut again....

Oh and for anyone that was wondering - it didn't make me look any younger, in fact I think I looked older and Mick certainly didn't like it :-)

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