Saturday 31 October 2009

Which Digital Camera?

At the age when you start buying Christmas presents jointly we've decided it's about time to update our Olympus digi camera for something newer but just where do you start!!!

The amount of cameras out there is mind blowing. Should it be the old favourites - Nikon; Canon; Sony or Olympus or something completely different. Asking my stepdad's advice (a retired photographer) he said that he has recently been talked into trying a Yashica and that it's not the megapixels but the lens.

Oh dear what on earth did I suggest a new camera for! It all depends on what you want it for; how much you can afford etc etc. I just want a camera that takes good pics of all the grandkids; can take brilliant scenic views and also great closeups and is compact and easy to carry around.

Where do I start..........


Bigastroandbeyond said...

Go to The site has unbiased reviews af all the cameras available.

My choice for a compact was Panasonic which are basically re-badged Leicas. For digital SLRs, I go for Canon.

Panasonic do a lovely little waterproof compact, the DMC-FT1 which comes highly recommended.

Maz said...

Thanks Keith, I was looking for reviews but when searching came up with hundreds! Will take a look at the site you mention.