Sunday 25 October 2009

Halloween Parties &

Well there must be a lot of halloween parties around this year as all my halloween costumes sold immediately I put them on eBay - and for their Buy It Now price (which incidently is the same as I had them on for on my webstore).

Well it might seem a shame that I have a webstore yet had to sell the items on eBay but to me it didn't really matter. The webstore is still in its infancy and as yet has to make its way up the search engines so by putting the items on eBay I was able to also add a link to my site as well and therefore getting it in front of some people at least!

If searching for my site by its title then I have at least made it to page 2 of Google - so I've been crawled by their spiders (or I think that's what you call it :-D).

As for the opinions and feedback from those that have bought the costumes - well thankfully they all think they are terrific and great value - so hopefully I'm getting it right. The whole point of this webstore is to start a store that can build up over the next 7 years and then provide us with a little extra in retirement. There are many similar sites out there but I am focusing on very affordable costumes and thankfully it seems I have the prices right.

It's rather nice to think that in these hard times people are still out there having fun & enjoying themselves.

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