Monday 5 October 2009

Father Time?

Hey my brain still feels young, it’s a shame it’s not telling my body that!

Went for the normal eye test on Saturday and the good news is the sight in my right eye has improved considerably; the bad news is that there is a cataract forming in that eye.

Gee now that makes me feel old………

I guess it’s not surprising after all my Nan had cataracts in both her eyes and my Mum has had one that has been operated on and another one is developing in her other eye. But my Mum is 82, I’m 55!

I’m not too sure how long they take to develop so I suppose it could be years yet before I’ll be due to have the cataract removed but it sure is Father Time letting me know that I’m knocking on a bit.

Oh how I hate the thought of someone probing around in my eye… I had rather hoped they could correct it with laser treatment but apparently they can’t they just stick a needle in your eye. Yeuk what a horrible thought.

Also, of course, because of the improvement in my vision in that eye I have to have a new pair of glasses – it’s only 2 years since the last ones – so that has set me back another £200!!! Worse of all is that I only wear them for watching TV or driving.

All in all it’s been an expensive weekend.

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