Sunday 18 October 2009

Live for the moment

On Friday we had one of those 'live for the moment' reminders. Now in normal day to day living you think of the next holiday; you discuss what you will do at Christmas; where you will spend your retirement/birthday/anniversary and all those hundred and one things that you 'plan' in advance. It's natural, we all do it. But when one of those live for the moment reminders come along it stops you momentarily in your tracks.

This time the reminder that all can change in a second was when Mick fell backwards off the back of a lorry. Now I know that it's not like falling off a mountain! But when you are about 4 foot up in the air and leaning backwards pulling on some straps and the strap breaks and you fall straight on your back it can be disasterous. Many years ago a similar accident for him caused an ongoing back problem. I'd say it's about 50% of the time that his back is ok and 50% of the time that he carries on with one of the discs out and sciatica in his leg. But that's veering a little off the subject and it is something he has come to live with and cope with.

When he fell on Friday he had his arms up above his head pulling on straps and he was forcing his weight back against them. This alone added to the momentum at which he fell. It goes without saying that the outcome could have been bad.....

However this time we can thank our lucky stars that someone was looking after him. He performed, as he put it, a pefect parachute roll (whatever that is!) and apart from being rather shaken and a nice bruise appearing he appears to be safe and sound.

For a 62 year old with a history of back problems it is quite amazing....

So, as the post is titled, live for the moment as anything can happen in the next second/minute or hour.

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