Tuesday 27 October 2009

What Nationality is Your Personality?

Managing to grab 5 minutes before I left for the coach this morning I read a few more pages in the latest book I am reading and it reminded me of the differences between my personality and Mick's.

Now the book is based in France and it was mentioning a few of the personality traits of the French and although I know it is only generalising I can without a doubt say that my personality has to be bordering on the French attitudes.

Now Mick on the other hand would most definitely have to be of a Spanish personality - probably one of the reasons he feels most definitely at home in Spain.

I've often pondered on France v. Spain for somewhere to retire to (or at least have a second home) and Spain has always won for several reasons. 1) We have many Spanish friends 2) We can speak Spanish 3) We love Spain as a country and 4) We love the sun.

But, with France being just a hop over the channel (and owning a motorhome we are discovering just how lovely France and the French people are) who knows what the future may bring.

Anyway back to the French v. Spanish personalities. I would say that from my observations the two countries have totally different personalities and you could roughly say that the Spanish are friendly, gregarious, loud and live for today type of attitude whereas the French tend to be more private, polite, serious and insular. (Insular is a word quite often used to describe my father's family).

Now remember I'm just generalising here and don't wish to offend anyone!

But, I can say without a doubt that these two personalities can get along very well. After nearly 28 years I think we've proved that point!

Mind you going a step further in my ancestry research I could even find that we both originated from France! With Mick's surname being Bratton it does tend to be a bit close to Breton and my family surname being Roling (originally from Norfolk and not too far to hop across the channel) and being seamen they could have come from anywhere...

Oh dear I seem to be waffling...

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