Thursday 1 October 2009

Enough is Enough?

When is “enough is enough”; when do you call it a day and when do you stop banging your head against a brick wall?

Just a few thoughts going around in my mind at the moment.

I won’t go into too much detail on this blog because there are some that read it that I don’t want to know what I’m thinking.

But when you reach a stage when you can calmly sit and think “that’s it – I could walk away right now” then I think that is telling me something.

I’ve kicked and screamed and complained before but done nothing about it except feel trapped but now I seem to have reached a calm; feel nothing about it stage. Very strange.

The main problem is that I know that by walking away I will be causing myself no end of problems but at this point in time I really don’t care.

I’m not about to do anything drastic and impulsive (although that is my nature) but I have realised that when something reaches its conclusion; the end of the line; then I guess I’m ready to move on.

Mmm, well we’ll see what happens next…

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