Sunday 19 July 2009

Update Two

Well Saysha has been home for 4 days. She hasn't had the operation yet because the bruising on her lungs was creating problems with her breathing, so the op is scheduled for this Wednesday. My daughter got a dog cage from her surgery for me to use and she has been confined to that.

Not a happy cat!!

However the medication I have been giving her on a daily basis has reduced the inflammation and she is now feeling distinctly better - as her miaowing will testify! Also her breathing is a lot better.

Hopefully after the operation on Wednesday, and again continued cage rest, she should make an almost full recovery. I believe that after this type of injury she will be prone to arthritis in that leg.

She is not very hungry - which is perhaps understandable considering she is not moving - and will only eat titbit's that I hand feed her.

Roll on the next few days.... or weeks.....

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