Tuesday 28 July 2009

Sun Deprivation

Well so much for this being a really hot summer in the UK!

I believe our summer happened over here while I was on holiday in Spain as I have been told that those two weeks were unbearably hot!!!

Since I've been back there has been so much rain, wind and grey sky that I'm convinced that this is no longer Great Britain but Grey Britain. In fact I've had to wear a jacket - IN JULY!!!

Can one get SAD during the summer months? Well I'm suffering from sun deprivation at the least....

Now I know they say that all the Brits do is talk about the weather, well I guess that's because our weather is normally so lousy. Today we do have a blue sky with a little bit of cloud but it seems that this year especially you can't have one decent day unless it's followed by several lousy ones... and the temperature is going to be roughly 19 C with clouds and rain coming later - where have the high temperatues disappeared to? Global warming - where?

Boy I wish I was back in Spain...........

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