Tuesday 28 July 2009

Preemies UK

While I've had to sit with my cat while she's undergoing 'cage rest' I needed something else to do apart from sitting with my laptop. Now Mick said why don't I knit a tea cosy for our teapot in the fifth wheeler and one to leave in our friends apartment in Spain that we always stay in each year.

So, after years of not picking up the needles I hunted for my 'knitting bag' and when I opened it I realised that there were two premature baby waistcoats and one blanket that I had been making before I took on working in London and longer hours. So I finished off the blanket and then searched for a charity that would forward the items to the hospitals that needed them.

Preemies UK is the one I decided on as I emailed them enquiring if they still required volunteers and received a reply within a couple of hours.

So now while the cat is unable to chase the wool I'm able to knit a few items for a worthy cause. Baby items are always so much fun to make and looking at their site which showed the prem babies actually wearing the items that were made gave me the enthusiasm to get into doing it again. So I give a thumbs up to Preemies UK for all the hard work that they are doing.

Oh and by the way I will make the tea cosy as soon as I get some wool :-)

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