Thursday 23 July 2009

Recovery countdown

Well my cat has had her operation. The vet said that she had never seen such a bad injury in that all the ligaments were ruptured not just one or two and nothing was supporting the two bones in the leg!

She has to stay at the vets until the weekend and then it is home for 2 weeks cage rest and then 4 weeks confined to the house. Apparently she will most definitely get arthritis and so they are putting her on medication for that and also they will give her an injection to encourage her to eat. She will also be left with a limp.

I guess her chasing her tail days are definitely over with!

As the fees mount up and up I guess some people would say I'm crazy, after all she is 11 years old and only a cat, but those animal lovers out there will understand and my credit card company will love me :-)

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