Tuesday 14 July 2009

Saysha Update

Well the x-rays are back. The good news is that she hasn't broken anything - the bad news is that she has ruptured all the ligaments behind the knee; every lobe in her lungs is bruised and there is some internal bleeding.

Thankfully all are hopefully not life-threatening and if she was a football player she would be on the bench resting for the 4-6 weeks. However she is a cat, so first of all she has to have an operation to put in fake ligaments (as they don't heal) and then she will have to have 'cage rest' for at least 6 weeks. Now that should be interesting for a cat that is used to having its freedom!

They should be performing the operation today but it depends on whether she is stable enough.

Oh and the estimated cost, so far, is £1,200....

Bang goes any hope of taking the van out for a week this year.

Que sera.

1 comment:

Bigastroandbeyond said...

Bloody hell - £1,200 for a cat. Just as well she isn't a horse!

I hope she is fine following all this.