Monday 1 September 2008

Well here we go again. I'm feeling rather pleased with myself as I never thought I would be able to create a blog. So bear with me while I experiment and play around with it until I'm satisfied with the look and content.

So Monday arrives yet again and another weekend has finished. Why do the weekends seem to flash by and work comes around again so quick.

I tried to link up with Flickr to get a slideshow of my old photos but it didn't seem to work so I will have to try again later. One of my interests is researching my ancestors - guess that's something you do as you get older - a desire I guess to find some roots!!!

Anyway I love all the old black and white and sepia photos that I've started to accumulate and I wanted to put a slideshow of them on here. But never mind I will find a way soon.

I also wanted to put on photos of another love of my life - Spain and our Spanish friends - and that I will definitely do later. My studies of the Spanish language continue but I seem to have reached a bit of a brick wall. The beginner and intermediate I've coped with ok but the advanced stage is causing problems. My brain just doesn't seem to want to work! Sorry Michel Thomas even your system is proving problematic. I listen to Spanish TV for a couple of hours each night as well in the hope that I will eventually be able to understand the spoken word at it's normal speed - just how difficult is that - or perhaps it is me.

Well that's all for the moment - more later.

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