Tuesday 9 September 2008

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Well my OH went to see the Chinese Herbal Doctor and came home with 7 huge bags of mixed herbs/roots etc.

She thoroughly examined him (something his own doctor didn't do) and checked his pulses and tongue. She looked at every patch of dermatitis on his body and examined his scalp where he has lost about 50% of his hair. She reassured him that it can be cured.

Her diagnosis was that he had an infection in his liver and that his liver was overheated. Basically he needed to detox his liver and hence all the bags of herbs to make herbal teas.

Furthermore he must not eat red meat, drink alcohol, eat shellfish, drink coffee or take sugar for at least a week (when he has to go back and see her).

She also gave him some herbal cream that he can use to soothe the itching. She warned him that making up the tinctures really smells and the taste is also very bad.

Surprisingly he is willing to give it all a go - I guess he really has got fed up with not feeling well! So today is his first day and when I go home this evening I will find out how he's got on.....

As a sign of good faith I've been in Holland & Barrett today and bought myself some body cleanse tablets and I will join him in the detox. I've never detoxed so I guess my body could probably do with it :-) Added to the tablets I also bought some milk thistle because I read up that it is also good for cleansing the toxins from your liver and as it is already a tincture I will try to give some to my cat who has been suffering from OCD for years and is continually ripping out her fur. Several treatments of steroids have done absolutely nothing for her and all the tests that the vets originally did came up negative. So in fact we are all going to detox!!!!

So after a diet of chicken and fish I will report more on this later.

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