Saturday 20 September 2008

Computer Eyes

Don't know about you but I spend a lot of time looking at computer screens. My work involves lots of spreadsheets and staring at figures while coping with the glare from white paper and fluorescent lights. Doesn't do your eyes a lot of good....

My spare time, i.e. blogs etc., also involves computer screens. So at times my eyes get tired and don't want to focus quite as well as they normally do.

Well I have glasses for distances - driving, tv, etc., but up until recently I haven't needed them for close work. Well last eye test time they said with the eye strain from working with computers perhaps I could have varifocals to help. Can I get used to them - can I ****. Ok they are fine if I'm at home and working on my laptop and want to look up and see what's happening on tv. But under fluroescent lights and trying to sit in the correct position at work - well I'd need to keep my head tilted backwards - and that's a pain in the neck!!

Searching online I came across an online opticians where you can purchase quite cheap frames and lenses if you put in your perscription and details so I thought I'd give it a go. My thinking is that if I purchase just a normal 'near vision' lens with a slight tint in them then I can wear them at work and not have to keep trying to find the correct spot on the varifocal lens and the tint might lessen the glare from the white paper.

Will let you know

a) if the frames are any good
b) if the tint helps with the glare
c) if the eyestrain is lessened

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