Wednesday 12 January 2011

Warning against bogus caller

The latest con trick seems to be cold calling at your doors and saying they are from the council with regard to your loft insulation.  They state that they 'have to' see your loft insulation to check that it is in line with the council's recommendations.

Luckily the man called when Mick was at home and he wasn't allowed to put one foot inside our house although he was very persistent and bordering on being aggressive!

He basically got the door shut in his face but I wonder how an older or more vulnerable person would have coped with him.

We reported it to our neighbourhood watch guy who likewise reported it to his police liaison officer who confirmed that they had received two other complaints on the same night and that officers were on the look out for him.

The guy is wearing a shabby suit, carrying a folder under his arm and has a strong Asian accent.

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