Wednesday 19 January 2011

Ginger as a cure

Well if I've been a bit quiet it's because I've been coping with the pain that comes along with the inflammation associated with arthritis in the neck.

It doesn't sound much but take my word for it the headaches are so bad they even hurt the back of your eyes!

Anyway after trying the using things - anti-inflammatories, ice packs; heat pads; pain relieving gel etc nothing seemed to shift it this time.  Well after a week it gets rather tiring!  So today at work as a last resort I searched on the internet to look at the acid in tea and coffee.  Not surprising there is rather a lot and as the inflammation is caused by excess uric acid in the system I thought I better cut back on it for a while and see if I could clear out the problematic acids from my body.

Now I drink loads and loads of tea....  What to have instead?

Ok so I have to admit to doing a course on herbalism some time in my past and trying to remember the rules I remembered that you treat like for like.  So inflammation is hot so I needed to treat it with something hot.  Looking through the cupboards at work I came across some herbal teas - lemon & ginger to be exact.  Well the lemon wasn't so good (acidic) but the ginger certainly was (hot).

Well two cups later I suddenly realised that the pain had stopped....

Tonight while sitting at home I got another massive attack so searching through the house I came across a bottle of ginger wine (my mum recommended it for upset stomachs).

So the result is that the attack has passed and I'm a convert for ginger at the moment.

Now can you have ground ginger sprinkled on porridge in the mornings?

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