Wednesday 12 January 2011

Less tolerant as we age

Now I know that I've probably mentioned it before but do you get less tolerant as you age?

In this busy, fast track world we live in nowadays you become used to the fact that if you are not good at your job there is always someone else waiting to take your place so you work hard, try to be as competent as possible and it is so frustrating when others are not.

Now this is no biggie - just a parcel that was being delivered and has been returned to the depot, with a note on the tracking system saying that a card has been left.  Guess what - no card!  With no card there is no phone number for the courier, no reference number to enable redelivery and a charge if it gets returned to the supplier!

In the meantime I have spent the evening tracking down the supplier online and sending an email - and of course I now have to wait for them to reply.  I have to leave a note on my door in case the courier should try to redeliver tomorrow anyway and it is just so annoying.

So I've come to the conclusion that you definitely get more intolerant as you get older - either that or you get more stressed out :-)

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