Monday 3 January 2011

No Broadband - Well thank you Virgin Media!

Well I have to admit to getting slightly panic stricken. I may be without broadband for a week.

I decided to change my broadband provider to O2 who I have had a mobile phone with for years. They phoned me up and suggested I change and the package they were offering was very good. Previously I had been on cable who had been taken over by Virgin Media. Now the dealings I had with Virgin were not very good. On a couple of occasions when the system had not been working properly or there were problems with our satellite box I tried phoning their support line. I was not impressed!

I will admit to being a bit of a technological geek and I love all my gadgets and computer etc so I am not completely stupid when it comes to technology. After all I can program and create web pages, I have blogs, websites etc galore but I was spoken to by the support department as if I was a silly child who couldn't understand anything!!!

Anyway to get back to the point in question.

I arranged to have my broadband and phone changed over to O2. I wrote to Virgin and I emailed Virgin giving them the date that I wanted their services to end (to coincide with my new O2 services) but could Virgin get that right - oh no they informed me they were cutting off my phone and broadband a week earlier than I asked for....I wrote to Virgin again pointing out the date I asked for but so far there has been no response. Not surprising!

So my dear friends, although I have phoned O2 and they are trying to rush it through quicker, it very much looks like I will be without broadband for about a week to ten days. I really don't know how I will survive.

If necessary I will log on using my mobile but it is not the best way to go online and the screen is not very big, but I will do my best.

Date for disconnection by Virgin is 9th January


Bigastroandbeyond said...

What a bugger. My eldest daughter is with Virgin cable and has just upgraded to 20MBs. They sent her a new Super Hub router but of course weren't open to finalise installation over the Christmas period when we were there.

Maz said...

Hi as you will see from my latest blog I have decided to stay with Virgin after all. They are giving 9.5 meg at the moment and are mentioning it increasing soon - we will wait and see!