Sunday 30 January 2011

Sunday evening blues or Winter woes?

Well I have to admit to feeling a tiny bit low tonight.

Not sure if it's the Sunday blues or just purely the Winter woes...

It wasn't as cold today as it has been and the sun did actually pop out from behind a cloud for about 5 minutes.  That didn't help, it just made me want to see more!  I really am missing the sun and the daylight.  Where is it that goes for weeks on end without any daylight at all during the winter months?  Crikey that would drive me crazy.

I've had a great weekend but as usual it goes by far too quickly.  Now as I'm sitting here watching Dancing on Ice I know that in a couple of hours I've got to go to bed ready to get up at 5.30 in the morning.

This weekend has been quite productive.  Mick has repaired 3 computers for people from where he works, I have been creating a new design for my webstore (not finished yet) and then learning PHP which I enjoy although the brain does go a little dead after a while and we did manage to stop and have a couple of drinks last night.

I spoke to my mum who is due to go into hospital next month for another wrist operation and whose 84th birthday is this Tuesday and I did manage to get some housework done.  Not bad for 48 hours!

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