Saturday 7 August 2010

Today is a good day

You know when you just have one of those relaxing, do what you want, get a lot done, and feel great days - well today is one of them.

So what have I been up to. Well I've done the normal boring bits like housework etc but I've also had a clear out of all those clothes that I haven't worn/can't get in to or just don't like. The pile of charity bags popped through the door gave me the incentive and so I've dragged out all those hidden bags, cases and piles of clothes and spent the afternoon trying things on and filling up bags for the charity.

The day started well with Millie Skyping (not a proper term for it I know) us from Mallorca. It was lovely to get a connection at last - the wi-fi there can be a bit hit and miss!

The sun tried to burn its way through the clouds and the day ended up quite warm.

Finally, I still did a 'bit' on my laptop. I updated my blog and gave it a bit of a facelift; created a second one and checked in on my websites.

Now we've had something to eat, watched You've Been Framed and soon I will relax in a nice bath, sit down to watch a film and have a couple of Cuba Libre.

Yes today is good.

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