Friday 27 August 2010

DHL, UPS & City Link

I know I've moaned about it before but I really do wonder why people use the above to deliver their parcels!  (Cheap I suppose).

I have had parcels delivered (or awaiting delivery) from all the above just lately and their customer service is abysmal.

City Link (Chitty Link) - will not allow your parcel to be delivered elsewhere unless really pushed.  They totally ignored a signed note from me asking for delivery elsewhere and just popped one of their "we tried to deliver" cards through the door.  Do not deliver Saturday and only open 9-5.

UPS (Oops) - well they are the best out of three - they did deliver it (but Mick was at home or we would have got one of their cards too)  - but they charged VAT on the parcel.  Funny how not all of them do!  Do not deliver Saturday and only open 9-5.

DHL (DH 'hell)- left a message to say that there is VAT due on parcel and it is awaiting delivery and with the courier.  Tried to phone straight back to find that they had been shut for half an hour (funny how they phoned me during that time) and when you go online to track the package you find that it is sitting in a van somewhere waiting to be delivered (on Tuesday after the bank holiday as they don't deliver Saturdays).  They do have a pickup point about 15 miles away but there is no phone number for them and you can't pick it up unless you make an appointment.  Atrocious site that sends you round and round in circles.  Do not deliver Saturday and only open 9-5.

Well we work as well and the rest of the time it seems we will be running around trying to pick up a parcel!

Why oh why can't people use Royal Mail - at least they deliver on Saturday and their sorting office is close at hand.

If I know that a parcel is going to be delivered by the above terrible trio I normally go elsewhere to purchase an item but unfortunately you don't always know which courier the shipping company is going to use.

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