Sunday 1 August 2010

Lazy Sundays

Once again it is Sunday morning. The sun is trying to shine a little and it's about 20C at the moment. Not as warm and bright as I'd like it to be but at least the windows and doors are open and the birds are singing.

Already Garfie (our ginger cat) has been in for his daily treat (tuna). Normally during weekdays he has a little tuna in the evening when Mick gets home, followed by a little bit of Felix from me when I get home. Saysha (our grey tabby) goes along with the tuna but doesn't like Felix so has a drop of milk instead.

But at weekends the timetables change. As far as the cats are concerned as long as I am up and out of bed then it's time for a treat! They do have complete dry biscuits and water down at all times but the little treats are just that - little treats.

So Garfie has had his treat, has had a little chat (he meaows so much more these days) and has now gone on his way - off to find his favourite bush to hide under no doubt. Saysha being the indoor cat that she is has just decided to lie on the conservatory floor. She is never far from my side and will venture out into the garden only when she has to!

So why am I rambling on about the cats. Well it sets the scene for the lazy day I have planned. Already the washing machine has done its job and now I can sit here gazing out at the garden and do a little more work on my HTML course. I am finding it very interesting and building a website totally from scratch is fun. (I know, sad aren't I). The subject of the website is of course Cefe's Bar - El Leon Rojo - and although he probably thinks I've forgotten about building his website, I haven't, I was just not happy with the templates that I found and so I am doing this course and building what I think will be an individual, unique website for him.

It might take a little longer - but hopefully it will be worth it!

On with the work then... oh and just to add what I know Cefe would say "you're crazy". Yes I know I am!

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