Tuesday 17 August 2010

Ok I'm Back

Well the weather here for the past week has been awful.  But then saying that the weather elsewhere hasn't been too good either.

Only tonight we watched TVE and saw that two people were killed when their all-terrain vehicle was swept away by flood waters in Aguilar de la Frontera, about 50 km south of Córdoba. Another perished from a wall collapse at his home in Bujalance, 35 km east of Córdoba. These were caused by flash floods when I believe the report said that there was 40 litres an hour falling during thunderstorms.

This has certainly been a wet year!

Looking at the berries forming already quite prolifically on the bushes and trees I would say that it is going to be another hard winter too.

Already the mornings are getting darker and when I get up at 5.30 it is necessary to turn on the light.  Boy how I dislike the winter time.

Hopefully August won't finish off the way it's started and I do hope we get a few more days of sunshine before the autumn is upon us.  Don't know about you but the summer always seems too short and the winter far too long!

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