Tuesday 31 August 2010

Last Break Before Winter Sets In

Well I've managed to book a long weekend at the end of September at the campsite near my mum again.  It was a bit hit and miss to start with as all the rain has left the campsite owners worried that our RV will sink in their grass!

However they have confirmed today that there is room on an area that has the grass reinforced so our booking is confirmed.

I was beginning to wonder whether the whole of the UK had gone completely motorhome unfriendly including campsites!

So Ricky is booked to spend the three nights with Saysha our remaining cat and my mum has been told that we are coming to see her after all.  Just hope the weather picks up a little bit so we can enjoy our last outing in the trailer before we drain it and shut it up for the winter.

I think Mick was ready to hop on the train and go across to France - where Motorhomes & RVs are welcome everywhere.

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