Tuesday 4 August 2009

What do you use yours for? – The internet that is…

I really don’t know what I’d do without the internet now. It has become part of my life :-)

So what do I use it for?

Well for a start I order my food shopping each week for delivery. I know that sounds awful but by the time I get home from work at night it’s too late to shop and weekends are a definite ‘no-no’ for going round supermarkets!

Shopping for presents is another nightmare that is alleviated by shopping online. I can take my time to look for what I want, purchase it and there it is delivered to my door.

I research absolutely anything and everything online. If I have a query – then I Google it – or Yahoo it - it’s great that the whole world is there at your fingertips.

Online forums are great when I’m gathering information and I've learned a lot from them but helpdesks are brilliant too.

Of course there’s the obligatory EBay for buying and selling and just for keeping track of what’s available.

Facebook is my main social network (what a word!) site but mainly I use it for relaxation. On Facebook I can leave messages and chat to my friends and family/play games (favourite at the moment is Farmville) and just generally keep an eye on what’s going on.

Amazon is great for buying my books or just reviewing what others think about anything I’m interested in and of course there are all the language courses that you can join.

I’ve completed quite a few online courses, in varying subjects, and love the idea of being able to just download any coursework/books etc that I need – immediately and without having to wait.

Of course there is my blog and I’m now researching (online of course) how to produce better web pages and sites.

So what do you use yours for?

Me, well I just use it for everything…..

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Bigastroandbeyond said...

Much the same. I keep abreast of what is happening locally via the Internet. I also shop on the internet especially for those things you either can't get in Spain or are too expensive. I too use Facebook to keep in touch with friends gossip. Of course we book our flights to the UK on the Internet and most important I use Internet banking!

Loosing the Internet wold be almost as bad a s loosing an arm!