Thursday 27 August 2009

August Bank Holiday

Well we are nearly at the bank holiday. The last one we get now until Christmas and wintertime.

Oh boy am I looking forward to a long weekend. Probably most of it will be spent sitting in our fifth wheel trailer :-) Not going out in it, just sitting in it.

I have to admit that the rush for the seaside at bank holidays is enough to make me run in the opposite direction. I don't enjoy sitting in queues of traffic and then trying to find somewhere to park and having crowds of people to contend with. Give me a little peace and quiet anytime :-)

It is really strange how we've began to see our trailer as our retreat. Normal weekends are spent playing catch up on all the jobs that don't get done during the week because we're out at work. So sitting and relaxing at the weekend when I'm indoors is a complete no-no. All I keep thinking about is "this needs doing, that needs doing" but by going out the door onto the drive and getting into the trailer I seem to feel a million miles away.

In fairness I have my phone with me so if anyone needs me they can contact me but I can't see that the ironing needs doing, or the rooms need vacuuming or any of the other multitude of tasks that you need to do.

My trailer is also my office. I have my laptop with me and I can sit and do whatever needs to be done without interruption. Or I can just lie on the bed and have a catnap. There is tea and coffee in the cupboard and I take some milk out and put in the fridge. The water tank is very large and full of fresh water so a cuppa is on hand whenever I want one.

Yes the trailer is great - whether being used on the road or just sitting on the drive.

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