Thursday 6 August 2009

Fifth Wheeler Maiden Trip

Well I've booked up for our maiden journey in the 5th wheeler!!!

Not having much holiday time left we decided that we had to get away at least for a long weekend to give the new trailer a 'try-out'. So, no sooner said than done.

A quick flick around the Internet and I found a site that is only an hour and a half from where we live. This means that we can leave early on the Thursday night after work and return home on the Monday thus only using up 2 days of the precious holiday entitlement.

Another good point is that I've found a site that isn't too far from where my mum lives on the coast so we can pop and visit her as well.

Up until now we've only travelled around France in our old motorhome so it will be a novelty to stay in our own country :-) but with this new one I think it's best to try it for size, so to speak, before we venture across the seas (or should I say, Channel).

Booked up for end of September so the site should be fairly quiet and hopefully the weather not too bad.

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