Sunday 16 August 2009


Well much as I love my blog I thought I would like to have a go at creating a website. So if I've been a bit quiet on here this week it's because I've been trying to create it.

I didn't realise just how much work is involved in creating a site. The worst thing was trying to think what I wanted a site to be about! The designing I'm quite enjoying but having to do all the creating; researching and designing prior to even putting the website online seems to be taking forever!

I have to admit that the internet is so time consuming. By the time I've looked around at different designs to get ideas; checked on what I can put in and what I can't; gathered the information I want to add and tried typing the text in Word and entered it onto my template and previewed it - well there goes another couple of days (or more).

Oops and the problem with laptops is that perishing little box that you are supposed to use instead of a mouse. I've just lost my spell check facility on my blog because as I type and a shadow is created over the box then it does its own thing and opens or closes what it wants - or sends my cursor up to the top of the screen!!

Please excuse any spelling mistakes.....

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