Sunday 28 June 2009

What makes a place a home?

Well it's another beautiful sunny morning and to wake up to see a blue sky and hear the birds singing is always a glorious way to start the day.
But I got to thinking.... what makes a place a home?

On our journey here through France and Spain there were hundreds of fantastic places; the type of scenery that makes you catch your breath, the type of places where you wonder how fantastic it would be to live there.

So what makes our little part of Spain the place that we have returned to year after year for the past 22 years? Well the blue Mediterranean is the same as elsewhere; the mountains are the same; it is not totally rural (a shame as I love the countryside) and at times it is packed full of people.

So why do we always feel like we are coming home?

Well I guess the familiarity of the place makes us feel comfortable but....
.... without our friends then it would be just another seaside town.

So for us, it is the people who make the home.

As our friendships have matured over the years and we have watched our Spanish friends children grow up, accepting us as part of their vast family, and now watch the children's children begin their lives - and we are included in their world - we know that it is them that have us returning year after year.
Silly little things like family members all greeting us or waving in the street that makes us feel at home; big things like being invited to weddings and parties; being treated with the same familiarity as family members - that's what makes us feel at home.

So to little Alba and Eulisias the new members of our Spanish 'family' we say bienvenido and long may we be able to watch you all grow. XXX

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