Sunday 21 June 2009

Our Travel-blog Part Five

As our alarm awoke us refreshed at 06:00 I opened the curtains and was shocked to see that we had made good time and were arriving in Palma earlier than expected!!!

About half an hour later we were driving along the seafront at Palma and made to an area where we had stopped before so that I could brew a cup of tea and we could wake up properly!

While there the Guardía arrived and pulled up behind us and got out their car. Now we had a problem as they had blocked us in while they pulled up cars and lorries making their way from the port. We watched while they checked the details and vehicles for a while but I did notice that one police car had pulled into a parking space while the other one was still behind us blocking our exit.

Guessing that they normally parked in the spot we were in I decided that I was refreshed enough and clear-headed enough now to give my Spanish language a bash :-) Waiting until a convenient moment when they weren't checking cars I called across and asked them if they wanted the parking space that we were in. A lovely friendly Guardía asked if we wanted to leave, called to his colleague to move their car and then proceeded to hold up the traffic so we could back out onto the road. With a cheery gracias and a wave goodbye we made our way up the island to the north where our journey ends... and our holiday begins....

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Bigastroandbeyond said...

A great story with an even better ending. It is true that a little Spanish goes a long way.