Sunday 21 June 2009

Our Travel-blog Part Four

Apart from Paris our second problematic city is Barcelona. Don't get me wrong - I love Barcelona - but we always get lost going around it!

We did take the wrong road but only briefly and soon found our way to the port. Hey a few more years at this and we will be able to get directly to the ship with no problems :-)

We arrived with a good 2 hours to spare before it was time to board ship but the next hurdle was getting into the port as the road was blocked with traffic jams.... The lorries unloading from the previous ship were having trouble getting unloaded and out of the port and the mass of cars trying to get into the port didn't want to give way to them. Chaos reigned..... and the police were not having a lot of luck directing the traffic either!!

Anyway we eventually got to park up ready to board and we joined the queue for boarding passes. Why don't they have a separate desk for pre-booked tickets? As we waited... and waited... and waited... while people bought tickets the time ticked away and the queue got longer. Boy was I glad we got there early.

Well we were given our tickets and shortly after arriving back at our car we were loaded onto the ship.

We collected the key to our cabin; had a marvellous and much needed shower and collapsed into bed and were snoring heavily before we had even left the port :-)

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