Sunday 21 June 2009

Our Travel-blog Part Three

As the alarm woke us we tried to pull our thoughts together and after brewing a couple of cups of tea in the back of the Sedona we were ready to plough on as far as possible before stopping again as we wanted to get as close to Spain as possible. The Sat Nav gave us an e.t.a. of just under 18:30 but we didn't want to chance getting held up anywhere and missing the ferry at Barcelona.
With plenty of food on hand to eat en route there was no problem however the fact that we forgot the flask meant that we had to stop to brew up a tea as I couldn't boil a kettle while we were driving (gas stove) but I did estimate that we would have about 3 1/2 hours available for breaks so no problemo...

We reached the volcanoes by midday and therefore we knew we were back on schedule. Reaching the Millau viaduct by 15:40 I attempted to take some photos whilst driving across it - that has to be one of the most spectacular feats of engineering! I will load my photos onto the computer later and upload them to my blog - although they will not be spectacular those of you who know the place will recognise them.

One of my favourite places has to be the midi pyrenees and I did manage to get one shot of us heading toward the light (it has been raining and cloudy en route) and excitement grew and adrenelin kept us going as we realised we would shortly be entering Spain.

Reaching La Jonquera we physically relaxed as we entered back into our adopted second country .... and home...

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