Sunday 21 June 2009

Our Travel-blog Part One

First of all as you can see I've found a Wi-Fi connection :-)

Our journey began on Thursday night and as with most good plans something has to come along and change it! The 'something' was Mick's work. Whereas normally he has finished work a good 3 hours or more before I get home because it was a day when he wanted to get home early fate had other plans - hold-ups work related and accidents on motorways causing massive delays. So by the time I got home he had only just got in himself and the car hadn't been loaded with our holiday gear neither had he had chance to get himself showered and ready for the trip. By the time we were ready to leave we had already missed our book-in slot at Eurotunnel and we still had an hour's journey to the tunnel! Luckily Eurotunnel are very flexible.

Anyway once at the tunnel we were lucky to arrive just as a shuttle was loading and with space available on it we were loaded on immediately with no hold-ups. So by 9.40 pm we were en route to Calais arriving there at 11.20 pm local time.

There begins part two of our journey.....

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