Thursday 9 October 2008

Big Brother

Well Big Brother has finally found us at work!

I found out today that they have been monitoring the internet usage over the past month. Now you may ask why that has made me flaming mad. Well several reasons. For one thing the policy at our place has been to use the internet whenever you want to - there is a blanket charge for the internet connection and therefore it costs nothing extra for any of us to go on whenever we want. In the past 9 years that I've worked for this company everyone has popped in and out of the internet without thought. As long as your work is done then there has never been any problem.

So why the big change???

More important than that is why some people knew about this monitoring and others didn't. That meant that the people 'in the know' avoided using the internet during this month while all the rest of us (me included of course) carried on as normal.

Add to this the fact that I use the internet for work purposes also and am on and off to the banking system several times during the day (for work) then it leads me to ask "just what are they monitoring?". If they are monitoring the time logged in then it would falsely show an amount of time 'used' as most of the time it is sitting minimised but still 'open'.

Furthermore if they are actually monitoring the sites visited then isn't that beginning to border on invasion of our privacy. After all if I'm looking up something health related or personal I certainly don't appreciate all and sundry knowing.

Yes I am flaming mad and I feel let down. I no longer know who to trust anymore and those that I thought were friends are evidently not.

Who knows they are probably following this blog too......... disappointed; saddened; mad but most of all betrayed.......

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