Monday 19 February 2024

Original Post was written in draft in July 2023 but circumstances meant that it was never published!

 It's difficult to know where to start but the past weeks have been so very difficult and the future is likewise.

The ups and downs of house selling and buying is always fraught with tension.  The back and forth of deals where one party wants one thing and the other another.

The chain that everyone is dependent upon but hate because the "unknown and invisible" people pull the strings and you spend time wondering whether the house move will ever actually happen!

From someone who had lived in the same house for 25 years who then found themselves moving from that home to abroad - sale and purchase / back to UK with family - sale / rental / purchase / sale and purchase and finally, hopefully to sale and purchase again I have vowed that this is positively the last move for me - in this life anyway!

Which brings us back to the present.  There was a sudden flurry of activity as the first time buyers were losing their rental property in this month and wanted to complete on their purchase (our purchaser's property).  We agreed to the proposed move date of 4th August.

However it then became clear that our purchase was dependent on the seller coming to a decision as to which property he was going to buy.  He decided on a property that was empty.  Great, we thought, no problems with up chain there then.  Wrong!  Not knowing the full details we are aware that the sellers of the empty property have no sense of urgency and half the time cannot be contacted easily.

So what is the problem?

Well apart from the first time buyers needing somewhere to live my circumstances have now changed drastically.

After a routine screening appointment I was called by the hospital for second tests as they were not clear enough.  Ok, no problem after all these years I considered that there was nothing wrong with my boobs - couldn't feel anything.

However, ultrasound and biopsy later, I have been told that I have cancer cells and would need to have an operation.

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