Monday 19 February 2024

Cancer and Me - second time around

 I really could not believe that once again I was undergoing treatment for Cancer.  This time around it was in my left breast but luckily for me it had been caught very early at a cellular stage and no tumour could have been felt.  Just as well I went for a routine mammogram!

As I am returning to updating my blog - some considerable time later - I will do a short and quick update on my situation.

The operation was successful and a clear margin was allowed around where the cancer cells were.  Also one lymph node was removed which again showed up as clear.

Diagnosis was:

Left Breast Cancer

T size Invasive 14mm, ER 8/8 positive, PR6/8 positive, Her 2 neu: Neg

All margins clear >3mm.  Nodes negative, 0/1 nodes.

Base line DEXA scan. Oct 2023: Showed there is no evidence of osteoporosis.  Study showed normal values at spine, hip and neck of femur.

Plan was:  Radiotherapy to left breast which finished on 30/11/23.  T.Letrozole 2.5 mg Od hormone blocker tablets to be taken for 5 years (till October 2028) with Bone Dexa scan due again in October 2025 and repeated every 2 years for the remainder of the Letrozole therapy.

Also to undertake a mammogram every 12 months for the next five years.

As I drove away from having my final radiotherapy on 30th November 2023 I gave a big sigh of relief.

Not only had I had cancer again, and hopefully beaten it, but I had got us moved into a new home, had dealt with a scammer while trying to buy a car (to get me to hospital appointments), but now hoped we could enjoy our future.

No-one could have told me what was to happen next. 



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