Monday 19 February 2024

Christmas, New Year, New Challenges

 I had been concerned regarding the amount of weight my husband had been losing but he just said it was old age and that he no longer had an appetite.

So Christmas came and went but by the New Year I was toasting in 2024 with a glass raised on my own as now my husband no longer wanted an occasional drink.

I couldn't understand what had happened to my husband - he was no longer the man that I had married.  Now I realise we all get older and change over the years but it seemed more than that.

On the work side I was still seeking part time employment and I attended an interview on the 5th January and another on the 19th January.  Sadly I did not get either of them but in the end it was just as well.

I persuaded my husband to get on my weighing scales as he was looking gaunt and thin.  My 13 stone husband now only weighed 8 stone 8 pounds!  Enough was enough and I told him he had to see the doctor.

Friday 26th January

I took my husband to have a doctor's appointment and after looking at him they told me to get his bloods tested.  The next day Saturday 27th January I took him to a local walk in hospital where they took blood and we went away to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Monday 29th January

I went for my follow up appointment following my recent conclusion of radiotherapy and was given the all clear. 

Tuesday 30th January

I was woken up by the phone ringing at about 6am.  By the time I had got out of bed and got to the phone they had rung off.  The number was withheld so I just thought it was a wrong number.

At 6:30am the phone rang again but I was up and downstairs at this point.  When I answered the phone I was told it was 111 the emergency service.  They had seen my husband's blood results and told me to take him to A&E straight away as he was at risk of heart failure.  While on the phone they asked if he was breathing or bleeding so I went back upstairs to check on him and woke him up.

I confirmed that he was breathing and that he wasn't bleeding.  They told me to get him to A&E as soon as possible.

This was now the start of the nightmare!

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