Tuesday 26 May 2015

Yesterday was Chaotic!

Yesterday was a bank holiday in the UK.  Well I am in Mallorca so what did it mean to me.  Well it meant that I didn't have to get up and work online.  A relaxing day I thought?

Hell no!

The day started quietly enough.  Me and Freddy went for our walk and the sun was shining.  By lunch time Mick had got up and woken up enough to take us to the vets.  Today Freddy was due to have his annual vaccinations.  Last ones he will be having here in Alcudia.  We had decided to try the local vets and not the one Freddy was used to (20 minute drive away).  The reason for this is because when we leave we will need to take him for his worming tablet and amongst packing etc it will be easier if we can go local.

So popping off to Alcudia Town we walked into the vets (no appointment necessary).  After standing fidgeting for a while eventually someone from the shop (that the vet is attached to) came through and told us that the vet was on an emergency call and would be back in 15 minutes.

So off we went for a wander around.

But 15 minutes or so later we returned.  The vet was lovely, young and good looking (as they all are out here!) and even better he recognised what breed I thought Freddy was!  When asking me what breed I said that they put on his records that he was a Yorkie but he was too big, Mick said a Tibetan but he shook his head and said no 'Catalan Sheepdog'.  Hooray, that's what I had found before.  It is only logical really as they are quite common in Spain and it accounts for him always trying to herd us!

Anyway, jabs done, explanation done about returning to the UK and a promise to return 2 days before we leave and Freddy happily left the vets.  In fact, for once, he liked the male vet.

Another item ticked off my 'to do' list.

Next post tells the remainder of my chaotic day.

Oh and here are a couple of photos.  First one a Catalan Sheepdog from the internet and secondly our little Freddy.

You be the judge but I think their is some Catalan in him.

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